QA Solutions & Software Testing

Deliver Quality assured Software with our 100% test coverage.


Our Software Quality Assurance services are further classified as

Software Testing Services

A multitude of Software Testing methods is implemented to enhance the quality and performance of the software. The steps comprise Unit testing to complete regression testing for accelerating the software quality.

QA Automation

To back your Business Objectives Whitelabel’s test Automation service brings you strategy alignment. Our Automation Methodology is well regulated to Agile and DevOps domain enhancing the software development cycle

Providing unparalleled QA Solutions

Deploying software in the fittest of its form takes a lot of procedures. We at White Label have breakdown them into a small and efficient Testing process to ensure time-saving and error-free software solutions.

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Our Top-notch Quality Assurance services

We implement the most effective and zero-error software testing to ensure the apps and software that walk out of our door are at their prime. We combine Both Manual and automated testing to provide the best quality assurance service.

Web App Testing

We have adopted top web app testing methods and tools to Deliver the highest quality web apps. Deep and intelligent web scanning is done to provide complete coverage and Zero false positives.

Functional & Security Testing

Browser Compatibility Testing

Performance & Usability Testing


Mobile App Testing

Improve the user experience for your mobile application with our 7-step testing including interruption and memory leak testing. We have written over 400 test cases and have developed a test automation framework. Our highlighted mobile app testing services include

Regression Testing

Exploratory Testing

Interruption Testing


Game Testing Service

Arm your games with proper testing. An adequately functioning game is critical for its persistence. Our Experience in developing and testing numerous games has helped us gain relevant skillsets in game testing

Game Play Testing ( Online & Network Testing)

Mobile and Platform Testing ( Experience Testing)

Multi-Platform Testing ( Compatibility Testing)


Desktop App Testing

To provide Impeccable quality software we offer full-cycle software testing for your desktop apps ensuring security, performance and speed. We target GUI testing and validate business logic by prioritizing test activities by classifying them into high-risk modules, customer complaint-prone segments and more.

System Integration testing

Migration testing & Installation, Deployment testing

Interoperability Testing


Cloud Solution Testing

To ensure cloud scalability and system flexibility we provide the most appropriate cloud solution testing as a whole and assess internal features as well. Our Cloud Solution testing provides better risk management and automated and insightful analytics with increased performance.

System testing

User acceptance testing

Interoperability testing


Our QA and Software Testing Solutions

QA Outsourcing

White Label accepts QA service requests and provides multiple services. Our solutions include designing a QA strategy and a test plan. Followed by ROI Calculation and creating a set of test activities for the development life cycle. We produce frequent test reports on the performance to guarantee the best Quality Assurance service.

QA Consulting

To overcome the challenges and achieve the best QA efficiency we offer QA audit and process setup. We also provide test consulting for test automation and software testing and recommend the most suited testing activities to achieve a well-equipped QA team. constraints, and achieve higher QA maturity and efficiency by providing the following services.

Managed Testing Solution

For complex software, we provide managed testing services by consolidating all test activities, and licenses so it becomes easier to keep track. This leads to cost-cutting and provides flexibility. Our Managed Testing services run under an advanced Test ecosystem which helps reduce delivery time.

One Time Testing

As some software requires only a single round of testing we provide one-time testing services including functional, localization , reliability, usability, compatibility and performance testing